Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The over romanticized idea of winter break was incredibly disappointing. A day didn't pass where the outside world didn't looked dark and gloomy, and more importantly rainy. Point being Blake and I were only able to do one shoot together, sadly. However, despite the weather I had the most wonderful time reuniting with Blake. Each moment spent together was perfect and comfortable. There is nothing better than hearing my best friend walk through my door and sweetly say "kitten?"


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

That is one fab hairdo (top).

Emma said...

i miss you

Lizzie said...

Love the hair pretty lady!

Yay for best friends being back :)


Jerrica said...

Aww so sweet. Sucky weather sucks. But you guys look great- I always love the black.


Fashion Nostalgia

samantha rae said...

love the bun!

Clouds said...

Your hairstyle and the make up is awesome, love it x

Zane said...

oh, darling, I really missed your posts! And i sure enjoyed reading this one.

Emi Coco said...

Lovely post! You look great, I love your hair!

Shall we follow each other? I'm following you and would love it if you'd do the same! ♥


Mesmerize said...

wow! you look so great, love your hair:) visit me in free time:)


AVY said...

Stylish people.